DOM Toolbox

Director's Toolbox

As your Director of Missions, I would look forward to the opportunity to lead or facilitate a training event for your church leaders or congregation.  This training could compliment the equipping ministry of your pastor as I work with him to best implement this into the ministry schedule and needs of your church (Ephesians 4:11-16).  In each of these practical training events, you will likely discover some strategy, procedure, principle or policy that you can implement in your own personal growth or your church can adapt to its specific situation.  The following is a partial list of some of the many training topics that I would be pleased to share at your request:

Key Leadership Training

  • How to have Effective Business Meetings that Edify the Body of Christ?
  • Church Conflict Workshops and Conflict Mediation
  • Church Finances
  • What are the Qualities Needed to be a Healthy Congregation
  • How to have Effective Committees that Can Strengthen your Church
  • How Deacons Work Together to Unify the Body of Christ
  • Essential Principles of Church Leadership
  • Risk Management and Church Incorporation
  • Renewing a God-Given Vision for the Future