It's a New Day of Churches working together...Growing Toward the Harvest


Got Good STUFF?

Our association churches are increasingly networking together to encourage and support one another.  We are thankful for so many congregations that are sharing a variety of ministry items that they no longer use and giving them to other churches that can put them to good use once more.  The association office is consistently playing a greater role in connecting those donated resources to the churches/ministries that use them.  We are also working together to share Christian books, Sunday School literature, Bibles, music, choir robes, church furniture, training materials, VBS supplies, etc.  If your church has some ministry items that are no longer being used, please call our office so that you can bring them to the association office.  Through this process, we benefit by developing a 'Kingdom Perspective' -- cooperating with one another to share Christ with a lost world.  Our ministry efforts are multiplied as we build up the body of Christ and we are being good stewards of the blessings that God has provided.

Currently available at the association office:

**Easy choir music - Glory Songs

**Current samples of LifeWay Sunday School literature from the Nursery through Senior Adults

**Children's music on CD [ages 1's & 2's] and [ages 3-5]

**Small group Bible studies



Music Resources

As our association churches use musical scores, programs or choir books, rather than letting them gather dust on shelves or take up valuable drawer/box space, share what your church isn't using...with another of our churches in the North Roanoke Association.

Click on the information that you're looking for and contact the person(s) involved to see if the music is available for use. 

Please understand that the association office itself DOES NOT house the supply, but it is ON LOCATION of individual churches...we are simple the natural course for cross-referencing of what materials are available.

Downloadable Resources

Downloadable Gospel Tracts in more than 70 languages available FREE!


Local Medical Ministry Available