Planning a Mission Trip

‘At Your Fingertips … Mission Trip Resources’

Training Resources Available to SBC churches

For more information on forming trips for your youth/student group contact Youth on Mission at     For local churches or groups you can call them at 800.299.0385.   They are located in Rocky Mount!

 If you would like help in preparing for a MEDICAL Missions trip contact CrossLink International Supplying Healing & Hope in God’s Name since 1996

Applachian Regional Ministry - trips to Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia

Our own International Mission Board has resources that your church and purchase & train with BEFORE you make your plans.  This IMPACT YOUR WORLD series helps to identify crucial needs and challenges faced by those making a difference on a mission trip.  Check it out at

Brooks Wadsworth in Haiti during the disaster relief

Downloadable Gospel Tracts in more than 70 languages available FREE!

Insurance Services Available through Adams & Associates… They offer Short-term Medical Insurance for Individuals, Major medical for long-term missionaries & their families as well as Group Insurance for the mission sending organization. Check it out today!

Adams & Associates International® (A&AI) has been exclusively involved in providing complete insurance services for International Missionaries and Mission Sending Agencies since 1980.

This site is an overview of information, coverage types and services A&AI offers. Many of the services we provide are custom tailored to the Mission Sending Organizations. Thank you for reviewing our web site.We encourage you to contact one of our associates to discuss your situation.

Mission Trip Financial Assistance

North Roanoke Churches will be sending over 25 mission teams across the U.S. and around the world this calendar year.  We have initiated an association scholarship program for members of church mission teams.  This will be an encouragement for individuals that feel led to go on a mission trip, but do not have the money to afford the trip expenses.  It is also a way for the association to promote a missions environment and support the mission work of our churches.  Click here for the application form.

Check out the Unfinished Task Clock...provided by the International Mission Board

If you are specifically seeking to do a mission trip to the Ukraine, you can call John Hamm for a personal reference on “Ukraine Challenge” which is a group geared for this people group.  Check with them on the web at