Prayer walking/driving tours for communities in crisis, healthcare homes for the elderly

Organizing prayer time for the leadership of our communities, our state & federal government.

Organize a prayer time for the schools in our communities



Warehouse & Office 249 N Oliver Drive Henderson NC 27537 Office phone (252) 438.5132

Who We Are 

Rebuilding Hope Inc. is a non-profit corporation that acts to serve people who find themselves in situations that call for spiritual and physical help in a practical way. This organization seeks to provide and coordinate that help in our community and beyond. Rebuilding Hope is a group of people made up of Christian and civic minded folks that care enough to give of their time, talent and resources to better the lives of those individuals that can not do it for themselves.

We are driven by the recognition that "together" we can make our community a place that transforms ministry words of comfort to an authentic practical reality. Through sharing the good news of Christ and by restoring structures, our lives are made better and hope is restored. Please consider what you and/or your organization can do to become a willing partner in this ongoing mission. It is all about what Christ called us to do and then doing it.

What We Do 

What we do is construction work!

Now that the first topic is out of the way, here's how we do it:
Rebuilding Hope receives referrals from civic, charitable and government organizations regarding people whose homes have sustained damage that makes the home unsafe or unfit for habitation. The property is inspected by a Rebuilding Hope assessor, the cost of repair materials is estimated and the project is posted on our projects website as well as other volunteer centers.
Because we are a volunteer organization with no paid employees, we are forced to wait for material and volunteers before beginning the project. That's the only way we can make those otherwise expensive repairs at no cost to the homeowner.
While we do keep some material on-hand in the warehouse, certain items that are particular to specific projects usually must be purchased, donated or otherwise funded before we can begin work.

Why We Do It 

Christian ministry is this simple: Meet people at their point of need with the love of Christ.

For Rebuilding Hope, the point of need is home repairs.  Our ministry will work only through the generousity of people who share our vision and realize the eternal potential of demonstrating God's love and proclaiming God's Word through teh work of Rebuilding Hope.

In State Mission Trips

Plan such things as...

Organizing the donated food supplies in their 'Food Locker.' (on a weekday only)

Taking a tour and prayer-walking/driving to pray for the children & staff

Scheduling a mission-work project (coordinating with the leadership at the home) with carpentry repairs, planting flowers & shrubs, painting, washing windows, washing cars, pressure-washing buildings/sidewalks, yard work or even pouring concrete. 

Collect NON-Perishable utensils, cookware, shower curtains, bed linens, all occasion cards, disposable cameras, tote bags, luggage, gift cards (Food Lion/Walmart), restaurant gift cards (Golden Corral, Hardees, Pizza Hut, McDonalds)...although there is a Food RoundUp in the spring, needs are there ALL YEAR!

Be sure to click on the picture to view the web site for the Red Springs Mission Camp, part of the NC Baptist Men.  You can download the Volunteer Reservations form and watch an inspiring video that shows exactly how the Red Springs Camp has changed lives.

Planning Ministry Day Trips


North Roanoke Baptists are a part of many wonderful ministries that glorify Christ and care for people in His name.  As your Director of Missions, I would enjoy helping your church family learn more about the ministries that you support.  If a group from your church would be interested in a Day Trip to visit the International Mission Board in Richmond or one of the N.C. Baptist State Convention Ministries, please contact the association office.

We can help you plan a customized itinerary that can include several stops for the day that will be interesting, informative, and inexpensive as we travel to and from one of the many Baptist ministries that we support.   We have contacts in every ministry that will help us schedule a visit.  I would enjoy traveling with you if you would like for me to serve as a guide for the trip.  For example, we can learn more about   Kennedy Children’s Home, Cameron Boy’s Camp, Camp Mundo Vista, Fort Caswell Conference Center, Baptist State Convention, etc.   North Carolina has many museums, historic sites, and points of interest that are free.  Enjoy a day of fellowship; learn about ministries that you support; be encouraged and inspired to do the work of the Kingdom; rejoice in the life and opportunities that God has given us.     For more information or brochures, please call the association office.


John Hamm


A Christian retreat center (elevation- 3800') in the cool  Blue Ridge mountains near Spruce Pine, NC needs summer and fall mission teams.

Stay at the retreat center free in exchange for your labor!! The retreat has a maximum of 28 beds.

You are responsible for your meals and travel, 2 kitchens are provided. Bedding, towels, and dishes are provided.

What needs to be done: winter storm clean-up (brush and debris), carpentry, plumbing, electrical, tree trimming, painting, cleaning.

You provide the tools and funds for materials.

Adult and youth teams accepted.

For more information contact:

Neil Brown
Operation Inasmuch-Mitchell County Coordinator 
PO Box 406
Spruce Pine, NC 28777
828/765-6704- h
828/766-5922- c