Know Jesus?

Have you ever asked yourself, "what is the big deal about the cross?" or "why did Jesus go through so much on that cross and what is the importance of His resurrection?"  Well the truth is, Jesus did it all for you.  You see we are all sinners - by nature and by choice.  No one person is any better than the next because we have all fallen short [Romans 3:23].

And because we have sinner, we deserve punishment from God because sin is wrong and an offense to God.  God is a just God and He must punish sin.  God would be wrong to allow sin to go unpunished.  And the punishment for sin is separation from this Holy and Amazing God in this life and in eternal life in hell.  While God is a just and perfect God, He is also a very gracious God.

You see even though God must punish sin, He sent Jesus who is God the Son to take the punishment for you.  When Jesus came to earth He had one motive in mind--saving you.  Jesus endured the cross with that same motive as He paid the price for our sins.  When Jesus rose from the dead He proved to be God and also proved to have paid our debt.

You may be asking, "what must I do to have this eternal life you are talking about?"  We must surrender to Him as Lord and commit our lives to Him and then we just have to trust in Him that He will save us because He lived a life we couldn't live, died a death that we should have died, and rose victorious proving to have conquered death.

-Seth Taylor (edited) Youth Intern at Parkwood Baptist Church

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