NRBA Sr. Adult Spring FLING!

The 2014 NRBA Senior Adult Spring Fling is coming and it is coming quicker than you think!!!! REALLY!!  It will held Tuesday, May 13 beginning at 11:00 am with the program & lunch to follow in the Fellowship Hall at Calvary Baptist in Roanoke Rapids.

The information packet will be mailed out the first week in March and reservations will be held after receiving your funds by NO LATER THAN APRIL 30, 2014.

More information posted SOON!  Keep checking back to see what's happening!


NC Baptist Aging Ministry (NCBAM)

NCBAM is an outreach tool under the direction of Baptist Children's Home to fulfill a ministry to all ages!  A newsletter was developed to help keep people informed about opportunities in senior ministry and updates on featured senior saints!

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Senior Happenings

Planning Ministry Day Trips


North Roanoke Baptists are a part of many wonderful ministries that glorify Christ and care for people in His name.  As your Director of Missions, I would enjoy helping your church family learn more about the ministries that you support.  If a group from your church would be interested in a Day Trip to visit the International Mission Board in Richmond or one of the N.C. Baptist State Convention Ministries, please contact the association office.

We can help you plan a customized itinerary that can include several stops for the day that will be interesting, informative, and inexpensive as we travel to and from one of the many Baptist ministries that we support.   We have contacts in every ministry that will help us schedule a visit.  I would enjoy traveling with you if you would like for me to serve as a guide for the trip.  For example, we can learn more about   Kennedy Children’s Home, Cameron Boy’s Camp, Camp Mundo Vista, Fort Caswell Conference Center, Baptist State Convention, etc.   North Carolina has many museums, historic sites, and points of interest that are free.  Enjoy a day of fellowship; learn about ministries that you support; be encouraged and inspired to do the work of the Kingdom; rejoice in the life and opportunities that God has given us.     For more information or brochures, please call the association office.


John Hamm


Oakdale Seniors on State Convention tour