Leaders / Committees

The leadership of our association is listed below by officer, council director/member and committees.  The individuals trusted to guide our association are listed with the church of which they are members.

The bold lettering indicates a chair position on the committee. 

The date indicates when that person's particular term will end.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the North Roanoke Baptist Association directly at 252.443.3883 or via email to http://northroanokebaptists.org

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Our NRBA Staff

Our Director of Missions - Rev. John S. Hamm, who began his duties August 1, 2007

Our Secretary - Mrs. Debbie Williams, who began her duties January 2, 2008


Service beginning October 1, 2013 through September 30, 2014

Moderator, Mr. Dan Howell (Oakdale)

Vice Moderator, Rev. Howard Guidry (Turkey Branch/Bear Swamp)

Clerk, Mrs. Debbie Williams (Salem)

Treasurer, Mr. H. Judson Rosser (Rocky Mount First)


Missions Performance Council Directors

Service beginning October 1, 2013 through September 30, 2014

Sunday School Director -   Dr. Allen Cherry (First, Scotland Neck) 

Discipleship Training Director - Rev. Jordon Willard (Bethlehem)

Brotherhood Director - Mr. John Hollowell (West Edgecombe)

Music Ministry Director - Mrs. Bonnie Hollowell (West Edgecombe)

Stewardship - Mr. Jim Sutton (Englewood)

Evangelism - Rev. Dathan Hall (First, Roanoke Rapids)

Media / Library - Mr. Robert Chadwick (Oakdale)

Youth - currently without a Youth Association Leader

Senior Adult - Mrs. Barbara Coburn (Calvary RR) and Mrs. Ginnie Aylor (Calvary RR)

Missions Development Council

Service beginning October 1, 2013 through September 30, 2014

Director  - Dr. Robin Fisher, (Sunset Ave)

Missions Survey Mrs. Amy Daniel, (First Baptist, Rocky Mount) 

Missions Promotion  Rev. Allen Williams ( Salem) 

Sunday School Dir. Dr. Allen Cherry (First, Scotland Neck)

Brotherhood Director Mr. John Hollowell (West Edgecombe) 

Woman's Missionary Union Director  Miss Brenda Rose (Northside Community) 

Ex-Officio (Voting): Director of Missions

Ex-officio (Non-voting): Association Moderator


Finance Committee

2014  Mr. Alan Whitley (Parkwood)

2014  Mr.Tony Thompson (First, Scotland Neck)

2015 *Mr. Jason Edwards (Dawson)

2015  Dr. Harry Fowler (Southside)

2016   Mr. Dewey Clark (Dawson)

2016   Rev. David Taylor (Oak View)

Ex officio: Treasurer, Mr. Judson Rosser (RM First)

Ex officio (Non-voting): Moderator

Nominating Committee

2014 - Mr. John Carter (Good News)

2014 - Dr. Walt Cooper (Proctors Chapel)

2015 - Mr. Teck Bass (Momeyer)

2015 - Mrs. Ramona Askew (Enfield)

2016 - *Rev. Larry Bostian (Red Oak)

2016 - Mr. Albert Boone (Sunset Avenue)

Ex Officio (voting): Director of Missions

Ex-Officio (Non-voting): Moderator



Personnel Committee

2014 - Mr. Roy Thomas (Proctors Chapel)

2014 - Mr. Brad Joyner (Mt. Hermon)

2015 - Mr. Billy Taylor (Oak View)

2015 - Dr. Julian Mills (Gaston)

*2016 - Rev. Randy Martin (Calvary, RR)

2016 - Mr. Waymouth Allen (Union)

Ex-Officio (Voting): Director Of Missions

Ex-Officio (Non-voting): Moderator